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Write a paper on Robert frost
The paper can be on one poem, or two poems (compare or contrast), or two poems (separate mini essays, for instance discussion on one poem 2 pages long and other 1 pages long, or both the discussions of equal length)

Choose from any of these poems:
1. The oven bird
2. the silkent tent
3. Mending wall
4. The road not taken
5. Birches
6. The most of it
7. Design
8. Hyla brook
9. Come in
10. Stopping by woods on a snowy evening
12. Directive

Minimum requirements:
I need an opening paragraph
1) where the plot or plot summary or summary of the poemis briefly described. That is, tell me what happens in the poem. [with absolute very little (if possible) interpretation.
2) ARGUMENT/THESIS STATEMENT: Also, if you like, you can add a sentence or two about what you think the theme of the poem is. That is, take your first stab (in a sentence or two) at what you think the poem is about? That is, what does it mean? Or what is the poem about?
Always, don’t forget GENERALIZE the initial formulation of your thesis.
Concluding paragraph
1) Among other things, you can return to and present (or present for the first time) your final take on what you think the main theme of the poem is and your paper’s argument about it.
YOUR paper should address (discuss)Effectiveness. Why is the poem effective or fails?
1) At least one or two interesting metaphors, similes, trope.
2) Imagery (when relevant). Description.
3) Tone (when relevant).
4) Diction, look at particular nouns or verbs whenever you think necessary.
5) A line or a phrase
6) You need at least 2 to 3 paragraphs with transitions that develop your argument.
7) Discussion backed by evidence (paraphrase, line, phrase, word) from the poem.
Finally, your response should engage with a reasonable number of points (1 or 2 at least) given in class for the poem you are discussing.
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