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Ancient Greek people
The Minoans were an ancient civilization on what is now Crete (in the Mediterranean), during the Bronze Age, prior to classical Greek culture. The Minoans were primarily a mercantilist people engaged in overseas trade. The Minoans managed a lucrative ancient shipping empire that dominated the Mediterranean, Greece, the Greek Islands, and stretched as far as Black Sea. This naval power was used to ferry trade goods throughout the Greek Islands and these trading ferries made the Minoans extremely wealthy. The Minoans also relied on this infrastructure for their food supply and would ferry grain from the Black Sea farms back to their Greek Island beaches. Many historians and archaeologists believe that the Minoans, through their ships and Mediterranean trade empire, were highly involved in the Bronze Age’s important tin trade (tin being used for manufacture of bronze). The decline of Minoan civilization and the decline in use of bronze tools seem to be correlated.
The Dorians were a major division of the ancient Greek people, distinguished by a well-marked dialect and by their subdivision, within all their communities, into the “tribes” (phylai) of Hylleis, Pamphyloi, and Dymanes. In Greek tradition, the Dorians were thought to have gained their name from Doris, a small district in central Greece. The origins of the Dorians are necessarily obscure, but it appears they originated in northern and northwestern Greece, i.e., Macedonia and Epirus. From there they apparently swept southward into central Greece and then into the southern Aegean area in successive migrations beginning about 1100 BC, at the end of the Bronze Age.
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