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1. List all types of devices you have and identify their input/out data and communication methods (Guided or unguided they use)?
2. What is your opinion of using digital signals over analog signals?
3. What are the three basic components of all signals and how do the signals behave with their changes? (Include signal equations, diagrams and explanations)
4. What is the frequency in Hertz of a signal that repeats YX, XXX times within one minute? What is its period, data rate and wavelength? (Where Y is the first number digit and X is the number of 0s in your student id)
5. What is the bandwidth of a signal composed of frequencies from Y0 Hz to Y00 Hz and data rate? (Where Y is the last number in your student id)
6. A signal starts at point X. As it travels to point Y, it loses A dB. At point Y, the signal is boosted by B bB. As the signal travels to point Z, it loses C dB. What is the dB strength of the signal at point Z? (Where A, B and C the first three numbers in your student ID)
7. What is the decibel loss of signal that starts at Y00 watts and experiences a Y0-watt loss over a given section of cable? (Y is the last number from your student id)
8. What is fiber optic technology? How many fiber optic cables are available and how are they different one from the other? What is your opinion about using this in data communication?
9. The exercise 3.5 from the Chapter 3
10. The exercise 4.3 from the chapter 4 (To solve this problem, use the question 4.3)
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