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Week 5_Psy 490
1: Team Assignment (Will let you know which portion to complete)

Psychology Game
Develop a 20-minute Jeopardy game presentation that integrates the breadth and depth of core psychology knowledge.
Search the Internet for a Microsoft® PowerPoint® jeopardy game template.
Include the following topics in your game:
Holistic approach to prior learning
Integrating psychology into your personal life
Psychology across all disciplines
Integrating psychology into career and educational decisions
Your personal learning theory
2: Senior Survey/Program Reflection (See attachments)
Resource: BSP Program Reflection Handout
Complete the BSP Senior Survey through the link located in the BSP Program Reflection Handout. Provide your confirmation of survey completion to your instructor by providing a “Screen Shot”. Please reference the “Screenshot Instructions” document for directions for capturing a screenshot.
Write a 150- to 200-word reflection, following the instructions listed in the BSP Program Reflection Handout.
3: Participation (8 times on 3 different days)

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