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Watch video entitled “Module 7 – RC Differentiator and RC Integrator”
For Laboratory Application Assignment on pgs. 683-684 examine Figs. 22-23 and 22-24.
Perform all required calculations in the following sections:
RC Differentiator
RC Integrator
Scan all calculations showing all work in a file called “Lab7_Analysis_StudentID”.
Upload file “Lab7_Analysis_StudentID”
Construct the circuits in Figs. 22-23 and 22-24 with MultiSIM
Confirm all calculations in Step 3 with measurements made with MultiSIM
Capture a screenshot of the measurements and waveforms on an oscilloscope and paste into a Word document entitled “Lab7_Simulation_StudentID”
Answer all questions in the following sections in the same document:
RC Differentiator
RC Integrator
Upload file “Lab7_Simulation_StudentID”
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