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Virtual Child Paper
Virtual Child is a computer program that allows you to parent a child from birth through age 18. This program allows you to experience the influence of nature and nurture (aka heredity and environment) on children’s development. In your paper discuss your initial thoughts on the role of heredity and environment on a person’s development before you took this class. Then comment on whether or not your views on the influence of heredity and environment changed as a result of Virtual Child. To receive an “A” papers must demonstrate application of your knowledge and experience to events presented in the computer program using psychological perspectives learned in this course. To receive an “A” papers must also give at least 3 specific examples from your Virtual Child parenting experience to illustrate your point, one of which MUST be from adolescence so I know that you have completed the Virtual Child interactive activity. Papers are to be typed, double spaced, 12 pt font, 1” margins all sides and no more than 4 pages long (double spaced). I stop reading after four pages, so you may need to reread and edit your paper to make it no more than four pages long.
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