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Quasi-Experimental Research Study (PHYLLIS YOUNG)
Locate a scholarly peer-reviewed article (published within the last five to seven years) that reports a study conducted using a quasi-experimental research design. The study should involve an investigation of some aspect of employee behaviors or employee attitudes in a work setting.
Read, summarize, analyze, and critique the article. Your analysis needs to include a discussion of the appropriateness of the research design for the study.
In your paper, make sure you include your interpretation of the results as well as your evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses associated with the study and include any changes to the research design you would recommend.
Identify any ethical, legal, or diversity considerations that may be involved with the research study. Suggest guidelines for conducting ethical research involving people in work settings.
Use the following headings to organize your paper:
Study summary
Study analysis and critique
Appropriateness of the research design
Strengths and weaknesses of the study
Suggested changes to the research design
Ethical, legal, and diversity considerations
Ethical guidelines
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