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pyscology essay
Psychological paper disorder
Each student will be responsible for writing a 4-5 page paper (in APA style) on a psychological disorder. Each paper should include a cover page including the following: student’s name, date paper is due, professor’s name, title of course, and the disorder topic that you are writing about.
Your paper should be well structured with an opening paragraph summarizing what your paper aims to do. The body of your paper should discuss the disorder (see below). Finally, you should summarize your findings in a concluding paragraph. Your reference page should cite at least 2 scholarly articles (not Wikipedia!) not including the book. Citations and references should be in proper APA formatting.
Your paper should answer the following questions:
What is the disorder? Is there a history that goes with it (may not have a history)?
How is the disorder classified in the DSM-V (any differences between that and the DSMIV)-some disorders have been reclassified with the update.
What are the causes of the disorder?
What are the symptoms? What warning signs are obvious?
What is the treatment?

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