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Psych 625 Week 6 team project
Need help writing an introduction for Psych 625 Week 6 team project based on the following data set. Will also need help writing the summary for the team project as well – attached the powerpoint for the project. NEED BY 4pm Eastern time today Monday April 13, 2015.
Description of Values
Gender Sex (1= Male, 2=Female)
Age Chronological Age (in years)
College College Experience (1=no college, 2=some college, 3=associate’s degree, 4=bachelor’s degree
Caffeine Regular Caffeine Use (1=yes, 2=no)
Test Preparation Level of Preparation (1=no preparation, 2=moderate preparation, 3=high preparation)
Math Score Scale= 0-100
Reading Score Scale= 0-100
Total Score Scale= 0-200
Psychology homework help
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