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Analyze the fourth “P,” promotion, for a product or service. You can use the same product you used for the previous assessments, or you can choose another organization, product, or service.
Your analysis should be at least 2 pages in length and should cover all the aspects of promoting the product or service, including promoting to the customer and other promotional audiences. Address the following in your analysis:
Analyze the company’s communication strategy.
What are its communication channels and media tools?
How does the company use social media in its promotion of the product or service?
Who represents the product or service?
Explain how the integrated communication aspects of the company’s integrated marketing program contribute to the company’s economic success.
Analyze promotional components of the sales approach (for example, salespeople for an IT product might need to educate the customer about the product as part of the sales cycle).
Assess the promotion strategy. What works? What does not work?
How could the promotion strategy be improved?
Describe how your recommendations regarding the promotion strategy affect management in the company. For example, are there issues related to how and when your recommendations should be implemented?
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