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Post Discussion: Driving Miss Daisy
Imagine that you are 83 years old; you have macular degeneration and should not drive. When you do drive around your home you have noticed that when a car approaches you in the other lane, you always see two, and are not sure if the car in in the correct lane, or coming directly at you. You live one mile outside the city limits of your nearest town. In two weeks you have an eye doctor’s appointment 60 miles from your home. In the past you have had a family member take you to the appointments. This time your family members are all out of the country. You are considering driving yourself.
For this discussion post, answer the following questions.
Explain why this is a good or bad idea?
What resources do you have to obtain transportation to your appointment?
Use your current or closest city as the city for this scenario. Locate actual, not imaginary, resources in your community. Do not limit yourself to public transportation or taxi services, as this could be pricey. What options are present in the local Area Agency on Aging, or congregations?
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

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