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Based on the outline that you sent me I need to improve more my introduction and my conclusions following these steps.
Your introduction should begin with a hook that draws the reader in.
You need to provide background information on the issue at large and explain the two major arguments you will be exploring related to your issue.
Your thesis statement must be present in your introduction paragraph and is typically the last sentence in the paragraph.
Your conclusion should effectively summarize your paper, reminding your audience of the two major sides of the argument that you explored.
It should bring closure to the essay.
Both paragraphs should be written in third person.
Be careful not to overuse tactics such as rhetorical questions or anecdotes.
Outside sources are typically reserved for body paragraphs. If used in the introduction or conclusion, they must be used sparingly and include appropriate in-text citations according to APA style: Based on my references follow EACH of these steps please:
Choose one of the sources you will be utilizing in your final paper.
Using one passage from that source, provide an example of a quotation, an example of a paraphrase, and an example of a summary from that passage. Try to choose a passage of 50–100 words.
Use the same passage for your quote, paraphrase, and summary.
Clearly identify your quotation, paraphrase, and summary to avoid confusion.
Finally, include the reference list citation for the source you used.
In a separate paragraph, discuss the differences between quotations, paraphrases, and summaries. Identify when these types of methods might be more appropriate, and discuss how you think you might incorporate quotations, paraphrases, and summaries into your research paper.
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