Personal Narratives of Vietnamese Refugees, history homework help

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Assignment 11: Personal Narratives of Vietnamese Refugees
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In this assignment, you are to read the personal narrative of Chinh Dinh (from the “Philly Stories” Student Oral History Archive), a Vietnamese refugee who came to the United States after the Vietnam War.
Listen to Chinh Dinh’s oral history and address the following:
1) Provide a brief overview of Chinh Dinh’s interview.
2) How did the aftermath of the Vietnam War impact Chinh Dinh?
3) Imagine that you were a refugee from the Vietnam War. How might you be received in the United States? Would it be easy to acclimate to American society, or would there be challenges?
4) What is the title of the chapter you are responsible for in this module? There are a few primary sources present in the chapter; find a primary source and discuss why it might be important to better understand the period.
As you read your fellow classmates’ responses, comment or “like” the ones which you believe deserve to be recognized.
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