Peanut Butter, essay help (2-3 Pages Total, 1.5 already written))

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Question description
Please rewrite and expand the attached draft essay. This essay contains many grammatical errors. Include sources as needed. Use the following thesis statement.
“There are many misconceptions and falsehoods about peanut butter that make discovering its hidden truths interesting, educational, and fun.”
Please look at the prewriting document to gather ideas.
Review the attached instructions for this essay.
Essay One Instructions.docx
Essay Requirements:
· The paper must be at a minimum 2 complete pages and no more than 3 pages.
*Any paper handed in that is less than two complete pages will receive an F.
· Choose an authentic purpose for your paper.
· Choose a specific tone for your paper.
· Choose a specific audience and complete an audience analysis. Use the questions “How to Consider your Audience?”
· Directly state and underline the thesis statement in your introduction.
· Use an active introduction and conclusion strategy.
· The paper must follow MLA guidelines.
· The paper will have a heading at the left margin of the page which will be double spaced and contain the following information:
Name, Instructor’s Name,Class/Meeting Time, and Date.
This should not be in the header section of the page but rather in the main body of the page where the cursor appears when opening a new word document.
· Paper Format:
Ø Standard letter-size (81/2 x 11) paper
Ø One inch margins on all sides of paper
Ø Double spaced; Font size: 12; Font: Times New Roman
Ø Last name and page number in top right hand corner of each page except the first. This will be in the header section of the page.
A Few Things to Consider for Evaluation Purposes:
· Directly state and underline the thesis in the introduction of the essay.
· Evidence needs to link to the chosen audience and purpose.
· Tone needs to be consistent and reflect the stated purpose.
· Be certain to include topic sentences to express each main point.
· Multiple pieces of support are a necessity to validate all points.
· Document any information which comes from another source. If it is not yours, then you must acknowledge the source. Failure to do so is plagiarism and will result in a F.
· Proof carefully! *Numerous grammatical errors will result in a failing grade.
Remember to use the writing process and budget time for each stage. Be certain to seek help if you are struggling with the paper.

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