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1.Can you apply any aspects of the psychoanalytic theory to your own personal growth? Does this approach help you in any way to deepen your self-understanding? If so, how and in what ways?

2. According to Jung, in order to develop as a full person, a man must express his feminine dimension (anima), and a woman must express her masculine side (animus). What specific traits do you see in yourself from both the feminine and masculine dimensions? How do you think this is related to your ability as a counselor to understand the subjective worlds of the opposite sex?

3. What is your concept of a self-actualizing person? In what specific areas of your life do you experience a gap between the way you actually see yourself and the way you would like to experience yourself?

4. What within yourself might make accurate empathetic understanding difficult for you? Do you have broad life experiences that will help you identify with your client’s struggles?

5. What ethical issues are involved in the use of certain behavior-therapy techniques? List the techniques, as well as the issues, that you see as being central.
2pages each list references and quotes on each subject.
Rational-Emotive Therapy
Reality Therapy
Family Therapy Models- This is a total of 3 papers (2 pages per paper and list references and quotes)
(a total of 5 pages on these subjects) With Hanna’s text in mind, identify key elements across therapy models that would be particularly relevant to your program. Also, identify any relevant specifics from Chapter 9 and Appendix F. Discuss how you could use the material in the Doherty articles to help develop the project or program. (The program I am using is Girls to Women Ministry: teaching little girls in stages how to grow to be respectable women) Please list references and quotes

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