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BSA400 outline.docx – This is an outline for a Service Request for Kudler fine foods. Can you help me on my areas of the out line? These 3 parts I need for sure in 2 days. Let me know if you understand it or if i need to add more infor for it.
Kudler Fine Foods:
1- Lindseyo Statement of Scope and Goals: State what functions (not solutions) will be included in this project. Clearly identify specific project goals that relate to actual enterprise-level business problems or opportunities.
2- Lindsey · Proposed Logical System View: Provide business process mapping of the proposed process in terms of a logical model— a data flow diagram is recommended. Discuss the differences noted for the proposed logical system view when compared to the current logical system view.
3- Lindsey · Functional Allocation Modeling: Specify how each proposed system function, or confirmed requirement, would be allocated in terms of required hardware, software, or human interface. You may want to use a table to show the functional allocation, but include a discussion, as appropriate, of any assumptions or constraints affecting the allocation.

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