Need ASAP summarize 2 psychology articles chosen from Google Search

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Need xxxx summarize x xxxxxxxxxx articles xxxxxx xxxx Google Search
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx any chapter…..use: sensation xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx emotion
2.Go to xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx for xxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx dealing xxxxxxxxxx topic
xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx This xxxxxx be 3 xxxxx
4.Then xxx your xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx the articles. xxxx should xx one page
Need: xxx articles xxxx deal with xxxx topi
file1.doc preview (1180 words)
Running xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx Articles
Date xx Submission
xxxxxxxxx and perception
In this article, the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx much culture xxx influence xxx people sense, perceive, xxx interpret xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx with xxxxx psychologists xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx raw xxx are xxxx to xxx brain xxx some xxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This interpretation xx what xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx however argue xxxx this xxxxxxx xx not as simple xx it xxx sound. They point out xxxx sensations and perceptions can xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx they focus xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx this xxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx by xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx between xxx xxxx and Western xxxxxxxx xxxxx Westerners xxx the world xx a collection xx
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