Marketing essay, Inside Oreo's Adorable Triple Play for Father's Day, marketing homework help

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The opening vignette of chapter 19 is about Oreo, including its real-time marketing efforts. Read the following very short articles which were the sources for the vignette:
Inside Oreo’s Adorable Triple Play for Father’s Day
Behind The Scenes Of Oreo’s Real-Time Super Bowl Slam Dunk
Brand Genius 2012: Lisa Mann, Oreo How do you eat your Oreo? Lisa explains
For Oreo Campaign Finale, a Twist on Collaboration
Cookie time
In your essay, analyze the effectiveness of one of the two marketing campaigns that the readings describe. The two are: The 100th Birthday Celebration and the “Which Part of the Cookie Do you Like?” Consider the following:
What were the target market(s)?
Which of the 4 communication objectives (pg. 565) do you think were met? There may be more than one. Support your answer with examples from the campaign.
Provide an example of how the communication channels were effectively integrated.
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