Integrating Data Assessment in Organizational Decision Making, business and finance help

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For this assignment, you will create a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show.
Continue your research on the specific HEDIS measure you used in Unit 3. In this unit, you need to research other health care quality initiatives related to your chosen measure. For example, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement helps health care organizations track and report data. The Agency for Healthcare Research (AHRQ) provides funding and publishes research on many different quality measures. Using the HEDIS information, the State of Healthcare Quality reports, and any other information you have found in your search of the major health care quality groups and your Capella library research, create a 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint slide show.
Take the viewpoint of a consultant presenting this information to a health care administrator.
Discuss the importance of your chosen measure and why the organization should work on this particular measure by providing statistics and details related to your HEDIS measure.
Integrate the financial benefits of working with this specific data to improve organizational integration of your HEDIS measure.
Your PowerPoint presentation should have a title slide, speaker notes, and references. While color and clip art are welcome, there is no need for voice-over or for special features.
The PowerPoint presentation must include:
Correct citations including the Web site or sites used for resource information.
References to the specific data studied or included in the PowerPoint presentation.
An analysis of how the HEDIS measure is applicable to quality improvement, explaining how organizations quantify the outcome of your chosen measure.
An evaluative component that evaluates the improvement trend for your current HEDIS measure topic. You may discuss if this is a new measure based on a specific finding or if this is an ongoing measure with years worth of data reported.
A recommendation on the value of the specific HEDIS measure or similar topical measure. Consider if this HEDIS measure is met by most organizations–what would be the anticipated health outcomes for the facility, organization, or community?
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