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I have already finished my work. I only need a small revision with the following points from my professor. I have attached the completed work (file named 108505) and the original instruction. Below are the comments from the professor. The length of the work is okay so don’t exceed what I have already written. Just remove or edit some parts according to below instructions.

Revision comments2/16/2017 9:17 PM
A detailed improvement plan is found within the submission; however, a plan to test the suggested interventions could not be located.

Writer needs to revise section C4 of instructions given.
Explain how you would test the interventions from the process improvement plan from part B to improve care in a similar situation
Writer must use the PDSA
Despite the title of the prompt, this prompt is not asking you to describe your interventions, rather it is asking how you would test the improvement plan you have proposed. That is, it is answering the question: “How do you know your plan will work?” You want to explain how you would go about testing it to be sure it does what you expect it to do. While the FMEA could be considered a “mental” test of the process, this prompt is asking how you would test it in action. Think about how your organization tests new equipment. Do they test it hospital wide, or limit it only to one or two units? Think about who should be involved, how long it will be tested for, what your criteria for success will be, and what actions you’ll take if you identify problems. Interventions/Improvement Plan are synonymous here.
need to apply your improvement plan to these stages, too
If you did include the do, study, act part, specifically state, “in the do stage…” etc and apply it to you improvement plan.
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