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Aug, 2015

Graduate School Application Question Essay




Graduate School Application Question Essay






My love to study business dates back to my formative years.  In my senior years of high school, I realized that I loved innovation and Accounting.  At first, the interest was inclined towards the reward that comes with it; which is the power of money.  Later, I realized that not only does the reward intrigue me, but the satisfaction that comes from my customers when they can satisfy their needs at a subsidized fee. Thus, a business makes life easy for the general consumers, yet provides a source of income for an accountant.  For instance, Business motivates me to take up challenges and venture into opportunities from time to time. For instance, during the summer competition games held annually at pour school, I devised the Idea of making a lemonade stand for the students who would be exasperated from the games. Owing to the weather, I was able to make cash, most of which I paid part of my tuition.

Generally, my love for the course and accompanying high grades inform my decision to pursue a business course. I feel that pursuing a business course will leverage my skills in becoming an Accountant. In effect, I am positive that pursuing a business course, especially in Accounting, will play a fundamental part in developing the necessary knowledge imperative for international business and trade.  Thus, when considered for the course, I will major in accounting. Global business and global economics are among the key topics that I will be happy to explore as I am an Arabian native.  In effect, the study of the course will help me to create a platform that will elevate my intercultural knowledge. Eventually, I will be able to handle people from various cultural compositions, as well as be open to the exploration of varying economic conditions. Specifically, I am keen on the study of market condition and principles in the global context. This way, I will be able to learn novel terms of trade, policy, financial implications for operations among others.

After my learning period is done, I desire to export my knowledge back home. The lessons learnt from the school of business would be a great way to boost my country’s economic position and improve its global competitiveness. Thus, the course will not only awaken an accounting spirit in me but also enhance my knowledge in economics and the global marketplace. This way, I will be informed of the global, regional factors, intercultural communication, traditions and social structure of the people that these diverse markets hold.

Finally yet importantly, I believe that pursuing these goals will make me a better person. It is said, “giving is greater than receiving”, and I aim to give through social responsibility. Mine is the need to give back to the society by creating employment, imparting knowledge and creating better business conditions. In addition, the government will not only benefit by having my expert knowledge, but also through an annual tax return that I will offer annually for the operation of the business. Thus, pursuing a course in business will ensure product development, quality assurance, and competitive market conditions. I specifically feel that being able to produce according to the market needs is a means of social responsibility. To the general university community, I hope to create income-generating projects, through the practical application of theoretical knowledge.


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