General Psychology... Term paper on Emerging Adulthood (writing assignment)

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General Psychology… Term paper on Emerging Adulthood (writing assignment)
This paper has to be 2700(my preference) or more words and it is APA format. I do have the instructions to give you more details on this term paper to do the work corectly. You will have to use my textbook to do this writing assignmet very important. 10 sources in all I want the more the better than what the instructor want he say šŸ™‚ I will upload the final paper summary analysis for the sources. Also i do want the work cited page on separate page so doesnt count in 2700 word s paper ok.. I will give the information on the detail of my etextbook to use for references because it is a plus in this assignment and outside references also.. I will say this assignment is due December 8, 2014 before 11:00 pm central time in texasthanks
please read instructions !!!!!
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