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Could you do this assignment please..
The book is :
Text Book: MKTG7, 10th Edition
Authors: Lamb/Hair/McDaniel
Publisher: South-Western, Cengage Learning
Post a 200-250 word response to these questions:
1). How would you define marketing (in your own words) and what are the 4P’s?
2). Think of a company you like. It might be a place you work or a restaurant you frequent. It might be a brand that you use when you engage in your favorite hobby or activities, or a favorite soda or cereal.
3). Research the Internet for information about the company and its brand or product.
4). Discuss how the components of the marketing mix – product, price, promotion and place (also known as distribution) – relate to what you know about this company’s brand or product. This is not a history of the company, but an analysis of how these marketing concepts apply.
5). Include citations if appropriate, either from a website on marketing (or our text) and/or from the company’s website.
Be sure to also respond to Two of your peers’ post (50 words or more for each peer response.)
6).Responses such as “I agree” “Great post” or “I like your post” are not acceptable responses and will not earn any credit.
-When you accept it I will send you two of my classmates discussions to discus
-I’m an international male student
-Please note that Professor is too serious about Plagiarism so please make it different.
thank you..
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