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Course Paper
(Coping with Death) ( I have attached the articles that must be used)
Grief for the death of a loved one involves a complex set of emotions. People who suffer the loss of a loved one are referred to as bereaved. There are many different theories about death and dying. Although everyone will react and cope in their own way, there are some basic steps that generally hold true.
Students will develop a 10 – 12 page paper critically analyzing a lifespan development topic of interest. The paper must include summaries and synthesis of 6 – 8 scholarly articles retrieved from the online school library. The paper must not be merely one summary after another with no meaningful connections between them, but rather should include, following a description of and careful review and critique of the summaries, descriptions of how they are related to one another. This is done via transition statements between descriptions of the various summaries such that the paper interweaves all the articles into a coherent and well-articulated review of scholarly publications related to the paper topic focus. The paper will end with a minimum of three paragraphs summarizing points made and articulating suggestions for future research directions arising from the article reviews. This assignment submission will be evaluated based on:
– The degree to which the article summaries are truly integrated; arbitrary statements of “This is related to that” without supporting evidence of an actual connection will result in a significant point deduction.
– Evidence of academically mature insight and use of critical thinking skills in analyzing and relating the articles.
– Clear and thorough articulation of the paper’s key points in a well organized logical progression of ideas.
– Compliance with APA paper formatting standards.
– Minimal to no grammar, spelling or basic writing errors

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