Competitive Product Selection & Strategy Formulation, accounting homework help

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Competitive Product Selection & Strategy Formulation
Porter’s work focuses on competitive strategic positioning, which refers to selecting a strategy to utilize in a directional manner. The strategy developed excludes other strategies and is selected to develop a competitive edge. Porter writes about selecting a distinctive and important stance or position based on activities that are complex and hard to duplicate. The uniqueness and precision of the focus of the strategy is what gives the competitive advantage.
With this in mind and after conducting further research:
Select a different product or service from last week
Conduct a competitive strategy analysis on the product or service selected using Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies (Cost Leadership Strategy, Differentiation, and Focus).
Select one of Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies to develop a competitive edge for your product or service selected, and describe and explain the implementation of that strategy for the product or service selected.
Should be a 1-2 page paper.
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