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250 Module 3 Chirs Young Under
Directions: Describe the following terms. Responses to each topic should be a minimum of one paragraph in length, which must consist of five to seven sentences. Please provide examples from the textbook, if applicable. Students should utilize APA guidelines for formatting and citations.
1. What kind of risks does the increased fossil fuel consumption impose on society at personal, national and international levels?
2. What efforts could be made to minimize the risks of increased fossil fuel consumption?
3. What alternative sources to nuclear technology would you recommend to developing nations?
4. What types of renewable and alternative energy technologies will promote economic growth for a sustainable environment in the 21st century?
5. What factors impede the mass-production of electric cars?
6. Why are fossil fuels used so prevalently?
7. What effect could radioactive wastes have on future generations?
8. What factors have impeded the advances in alternate energy technologies?
9. How can the United States avoid a future oil crisis and oil wars?
10. Why is nuclear waste a major concern?

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