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10 question quiz
Which statement might logically support the claim that prayer should not be protected speech? (Points : 1) Allowing prayer could create disharmony between groups of students who choose to participate and those that do not.

Times for voluntary prayer would be potential times where non-religious students felt unduly compelled to participate in religious activities.

Those who desire prayer in school hate people who are agnostic or atheist.

A and B

B and C

Question 2. 2. John Stuart Mill would most agree with which statement? (Points : 1)
The government cannot limit freedoms of the citizens without circumstantial evidence.

The government can only limit freedom when people’s actions would harm themselves.

The government can only limit freedom when people’s actions would harm others.

The government cannot limit freedoms of the citizens without forensic evidence.

None of the above
Question 3. 3. Which human action might present problems of consistency for the moral relativist? (Points : 1)


subjugation of women

all of the above

none of the above
Question 4. 4. Which view holds that an action is right so long as it aligns with a rule that contributes to the overall general good of society? (Points : 1)
Rule Deontology

Virtue Ethics

Rule Utilitarianism


none of the above
Question 5. 5. Logic examines which type of argument? (Points : 1)



A and B

A and C
Question 6. 6. If a deductive argument is valid and its premises are true, (Points : 1)
the conclusion must be true.

the conclusion must be false.

the conclusion is improbable.

the conclusion is probable.

none of the above
Question 7. 7. The challenge in applying utilitarianism is that (Points : 1)
it cannot distinguish among different kinds of pleasures.

it is difficult to calculate the various benefits involved.

it can lead to the tyranny of the majority.

all of the above.

none of the above.
Question 8. 8. Which argument might be used to support the claim that pornography should not be illegal? (Points : 1)
Pornography is a form of speech that should be protected.

People have been harmed in the production of pornography.

The pornography industry has harmed children.

Pornography makes men more likely to rape women.

A and C
Question 9. 9. The figure generally given credit for developing virtue ethics was (Points : 1)




none of the above
Question 10. 10. One objection to virtue ethics is that (Points : 1)
everyone agrees on what the correct virtues are.

it ignores the idea of the Golden Mean.

it endorses lying to children.

different cultures may value different virtues.

none of the above.

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